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Watch This Camaro's Bizarre But Deserved Crash And Try Not To Laugh

After this black Camaro speeds past a car trying to join the carriageway, the cameras mounted inside the latter capture one of the most ridiculous accidents we've seen in a long time

Remind me later

We’ve always known that combining aggression and inability is a dangerous thing to do, whether it’s in politics or on the road, but this Camaro driver is one of the most glorious examples we’ve ever seen.

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: this guy deserves the humiliation he’s no doubt feeling after driving like an absolute douche before amply demonstrating just how little talent he has behind the wheel. It’s a shame about the damage to the Camaro, but the accident itself beggars belief.

After speeding past the camera car as it’s trying to pull out onto the road, the Camaro driver then brake-checks three times. It then proceeds to swerve pointlessly violently left past the car in front of it, where it’s greeted by a red traffic light where the car wants to make a left turn. You might be able to guess where this is going.

Soon, the light goes to green and the Camaro speeds off into the turn, losing the rear end almost comically slowly before the driver over-corrects and lifts off, sending the car not just off the road but up a telegraph pole’s anchoring cable. All four wheels leave the ground and the car is just perched there on its rear bumper, facing the sky and helplessly spinning its wheels, like a turtle on its back.

The icing on the cake is how the idiot behind the wheels tries forwards and reverse in his hilariously vain attempts to free the stricken Chevrolet. All while everyone watching was pointing and laughing, we hope.


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