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Thumb Drift All Car Codes and Secrets

Yes, yes I know. This has been put up elsewhere, but here is the complete list in 1 post.

Extreme - Wasp Drifter
Yasid - Inbound Racer
Driver - Saudi Gamer SS
Grimbsy - Wang Gang Geoff
ILuvblue - The Little Blue Monster
Slapit - TST35
Shockin - Shockin Blown V8
King - Kovacik’s BFD
MrMango - The Mangomobile
DrPhil - “Phil”
Hertlife - Rotary eXperiment 7

Old MacDonald - (Easy, somewhat) On Gymkhana, there will be a turn formed by cargo boxes. One of the boxes has a number 86 on it. Behind it will be 5 snowmen riding cows. After the white building on the same side as the 86 box, there will be an opening for you to get in. You will have to turn into it from being in the right-hand lane. It’s a very sharp turn, but luckily, you have a lot of chances of getting in there. Just keep trying.

iScream - (Medium, if you’re good on ice) On forest road, you have to hit any cow you see. Then on Ice Road, you have to make it to somewhere around 100-300. The snowman has a somewhat rare occurrence of spawning on the track. You have to hit the snowman to obtain the iScream.

Moony - (Hard, requires a strong eye sight and a sharp brain) On Forest Road, there will be a blue cow that spawns behind the fence. On a very rare occurrence, he will spawn on the grass in front of the fence. If you hit him, you will get the Moony. But you must be alert, because that one time you miss, after 1,000 crashes, it might take you another 1,000 crashes just to try again.

The Outatime, Mouse Trap, Rowdy GR8, Sting Drifter, Bulletproof Continuum, ZenGTR, GT, and all other cars you want do not have a code.

For Old MacDonald Easter Egg. I’d recommend you use a small car, like the Pugmobile, Little Green Guy (Android only), or Coop.

No, I have not gotten Moony, yet. And the giant cow is unhittable.

For Ice Road, drift sharply on almost every turn to have some control.

The codes only work for Android devices (Sorry iOS users), but the secrets work for all devices, even flip phones.

And that’s it. Another guide on Thumb Drift.

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