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Porsche Museum: My Experience.

So on Day 3 of my Eurotrip, I decided to make a stop at Stuttgart and visit the Porsche Museum. Sadly, I did not get to go on the Porsche Drive Experience on the 911 GTS due to overbooking and got my money back. But at the same time, I went in the museum for free. There were many legendary Porsches all the way from its founding in 1931.

I booked a hotel across the Porsche Museum, where I saw many Porsche 911 GT3s, 911 Turbos, 911 Carreras, 718 Caymans, 718 Boxsters, Panameras, Cayennes and Macans. People over there were test driving them and everywhere I go I either hear either turbocharged or flat-six engines. I then went to the front desk to get my reservation on Porsche drive but due to overbooking, I had to cancel and get a refund. But on the bright side, I get to go in the museum for free.

When I went up, I got in the Classic Porsche section of the museum. I got to see some Classic Porsches such as the 356, the Formula-1 winning 804, and even the first Porsche ever made, the Porsche Diesel 218. I was given an audio guide, so I took in most information that was mentioned about each of the cars.

I then took a turn to the racing section. There were many, many Targa Florio and Le Mans classics from the Legendary and durable 917 to the Nurburgring record-breaking 956 which was apparently, mounted on a wall. It was to show how much downforce the car produces, as when at its top speed, it produces so much downforce that you can practically drive it on a wall! There were also many Rally and GT3 cars, such as the 911 RSRs built over the years.

I also saw the legendary Porsche 959, only the Dakar variant wasn’t there at that time. There was a stand of all the trophies Porsche had won, and it filled a lot of it. There was also my favorite Porsche Endurance car, and my favorite variant of the 911, the 911 GT1. It looks amazing in person. There was a road-legal one and the one used in the race on display. There was also the first Porsche police car used by the German Police, and the Porsche 911 Speedster.

Sally Carerra from the Cars franchise was also on display, which was basically a 996 with a custom front bumper to make it look like it had a mouth. A line of Porsche Endurance vehicles were also shown, including the Porsche 919 that was driven by Romain Dumas and Mark Webber. But the main highlight for me were those two cars, the 911 GT2 and the Carerra GT, two of the best modern-day Porsches. And another 911 Speedster was there.

I also saw my favorite Porsche, which is also my profile picture, the Porsche 918. I saw both the Weissach Package 918 and the Normal 918, which were both face to face. Not much were different. There was also a line of 911 Turbos from the 930 to the 991. There was also another line of Porsche, such as the Cayman, 911 GT3 and a lime green Cayenne GTS. There was a surround sound system where you can hear exhausts of some Porsches, and a racing simulator where you drive a 919 across Circuit de La Sartre. I did a time of 3:23, what could have been the fourth fastest on the leaderboard if only I didn’t veer off the track which resulted in an illegal lap.

I went out for dinner after I was done visiting the museum, and I went back when the sun was setting. It looked pretty good, with the Tri-911 Tower in the middle, the museum and factory in the roundabout, with a dealer across the road. I took some shots on my camera.