This Stylish Runabout Is Mini's Latest Electric Hatchback Vision

We admit it: we quite like this concept for an electric Mini. As a car designed for the city, we don't think being electric counts against it, and with looks like this all you have to do is ignore the fake vents

Half A Million Vehicles Could Be Scrapped After Hurricane Harvey

With the awful, catastrophic flooding in Texas pinned to news channels all over the world, a related story has emerged alongside the disaster - that hundreds of thousands of cars could be reduced to scrap by the storm damage

This Really Is The New Porsche Cayenne, Honest

Porsche's famously conservative styling department has worked its wonders on the outside of the new Cayenne, but the inside sees some major changes - and there's news under the bonnet, too

The Baby Driver Subaru Impreza WRX Somehow Just Sold For $69,000

The car used in the stunt sequences for 2017's coolest car flick Baby Driver is battered, bruised and it's not even four-wheel drive any more, but someone clearly wanted it badly

Cars Are About To Get A Lot Cheaper In Denmark With The End Of The 180 Per Cent Tax Rate

The Danish are going to have to spend a lot less bacon on their new cars after the country's government announced massive tax cuts - but prices will still be outrageously high

A Lamborghini Veneno Is For Sale And We Need To Start Crowdfunding This

If we asked for just a couple of dollars from every CTzen on the planet we could buy this Lamborghini Veneno, one of just three hard-top examples ever made, but organising the time-share calendar would be a nightmare...

Every Aston Martin Will Have A Hybrid Option In Less Than A Decade

While big, juicy petrol engines aren't going anywhere for now, Aston Martin has committed to a rapid expansion of hybrid drivetrains, with every model scheduled to get one by the middle of the 2020s

The 10 Best Comments On CT Last Week

A day late because of the English bank holiday (sorry not sorry), here are last week's best comments!

Nurburgring-Developed Downforce Is Here For Volvo's V60 and S60 Polestar

They're already pretty brisk, but Volvo's Polestar-fettled V60 and S60 have been given aerodynamic add-ons developed during secret testing at one of the most famous tracks in the world

This Rented McLaren 650S Has Been Destroyed By Incompetence

When a bad driver, a rented McLaren 650S, Launch Control and a tree-lined car park all mix, this awful destruction is the result

Lamborghini Is Planning A Semi-Off-Road Huracan And We've Never Been So Conflicted

Lamborghini good, SUVs bad. Huracan good, big wheels on dirt tracks bad. A Huracan with height-adjustable suspension and bash plates? Well, we just don't know what to feel

Watch Bentley's Weird New Anti-Body Roll System At Work

With a view to improving agility in its new Continental GT, Bentley has been testing a system designed to counter body roll once and for all - and in action it looks incredibly strange

This Idiotic Truck Crash Rips A Freeway Gantry To The Floor

You can watch this video as many times as you like, but ultimately there's no good answer to the question of how this trucker is so unaware that his tipper trailer is fully raised. Inevitably, it ends badly